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June 22, 2019: Hear in Spirit (podcast)

Julia Ritz Toffoli - Women Who Whiskey and how she took action to fill a need she recognized in the world

March 11, 2019: Rewire

Wine or Whiskey: The Women Confronting Alcohol Gender Norms

October 10, 2018: The Uncommon Muse

A Whiskey Club for Women and the Lady Who Started It All

August 21, 2018: TimeOut New York

Meet Brooklyn distiller and biker Marie Estrada

August 12, 2018: WhiskyCast  (podcast)

Whiskey on the Willamette

July 17, 2018: Forbes

Whiskey Club For Women Shakes Things Up, Challenges Notion That It's Only A Man's Drink

July 5, 2018: Stuff Mom Didn't Tell You (podcast)

The Magnificent History of Women & Whiskey  (Women Who Whiskey mention starts at minute 28:16)

May 2, 2018: Food & Wine

6 Women in Whiskey to Watch

March 8, 2018 (International Women's Day): Nowhere Men

Episode 084: Women Who Whiskey (facebook video) (YouTube video here)

February 28, 2018: Mic

What female whiskey lovers actually think about Jane Walker, the new scotch brand for ladies

February 28, 2018: The Australian

Johnnie Walker wooing the women who whisky with Jane

February 27, 2018: The Wall Street Journal

Johnnie Walker Embraces Feminine Side to Woo Women Drinkers

February 21, 2018: Edible Manhattan

Test Your Bartending Skills at This Cocktail Competition

January 25, 2018: The New York Times

Beer Cellars, Whiskey Tastings, and the Women Bringing Them to Life

July 6, 2017: Chicago Tribune

Barley's Angels, Women Who Whiskey, Bourbon Women breaking stigma of a 'woman's palate'

June 27, 2017: The Whiskey Foundation

Women and Whisky Part II: why is whisky considered a man’s drink?

March 8, 2017: Los Angeles Daily News 

Here's How Women Who Whiskey Savor Their Favorites

February 15, 2017: Edible Manhattan

The Founder of Women Who Whiskey Takes Us on a Winter Bar Crawl

December 20, 2016: Lindsay Cameron Wilson: Food Stories  (Podcast)

Women Who Whiskey

November 15, 2016: NightOwl

A Nightcap with Women Who Whiskey

November, 10, 2016: ISSUU

Yummy Vol. 25: Whisky Special

October 12, 2016: NBC Los Angeles

Women Who Whiskey: Join Now

October 3, 2016: LA Weekly

Women Who Like Whiskey: There's a New Club for You

October 3, 2016: Whiskey Wench

Women Who Whiskey Boston Chapter

August 27, 2016: Drink Manila

Let's Talk Whiskey

August 2, 2016: SCTimes

Sexism with Your Suds: Gender Bias at the Bar

July 20, 2016: Paste Magazine

Women Who Whiskey

May 25, 2016: The Nairobi Star

Exclusive Whiskey Tasting for Women Who Love Whiskey

April 22, 2016: Dirty Water Media

Whiskey A Go Go

March 23, 2016: Partner's Trust Blog

Women Who Whiskey Comes to LA

March 17, 2016: LAist

Sip Spirits & Learn about Distilleries at this New Whiskey Club for Women

March 10, 2016: The Genevateur

Whiskey and the Women Who Love It

March 9, 2016: Food & Wine Magazine

Los Angeles Is Getting its Own Whiskey Club for Women

March 7, 2016: TimeOut Los Angeles

A new whiskey club is launching in LA—and it's just for women

February 26, 2016: Montreal Gazette

The rise of whisky: A growing fan base spreads across gender and continents

February 24, 2016: The Icelandic Whiskey Viking (Podcast)

Interview with Women Who Whiskey Founder Julia Ritz Toffoli 

February 19. 2016: Boston Chronicle WCBV ABC 5

Shayna's Adventures & Women Who Whiskey

January 2016: Cambria Style

Women & Whiskey

January 15, 2016: WhiskyCast

Podcast Episode 571: InDepth with WhiskyCast (Women Who Whiskey interview starts at minute 22:00)

December 17, 2015: IMAGE Magazine

How Whiskey Won Women Over

December 9, 2015: Star Tribune

Twin Cities drinkers find kindred spirits in Women Who Whiskey club

October 30, 2015: Boston Chronicle WCBV ABC 5

Love at First Sip (video)

October 15, 2015: Make It Better

Join Make It Better for a Mixology Class

August 25, 2015: The Guardian

Why Millennials are Ditching Vodka for Manhattans and Picklebacks

July 8, 2015: Toronto Star

Women Who Whiskey Chapter in Works for Toronto

July 7, 2015: Markets Media

Why Not Whiskey?

June 1, 2015: W: Ballantine Instazine

The Women Shaping Whisky

April 11, 2015: Fox & Friends

Women Who Whiskey on Fox & Friends!