Apply to Launch a New Women Who Whiskey Chapter

We're so excited that more and more women are drinking whiskey, and thrilled that you're interested in the possibility of launching a Women Who Whiskey chapter in your city. 

Without the pioneering women who have taken up the whiskey charge and launched chapters in their cities, wWw would still be just a small group of friends in NY getting together for drinks once a month. Thanks to the incredible work of our chapter presidents, our neighborhood club has grown into an international movement dedicated to breaking down the barriers women face in the spirits world, and creating a global community of women united by a shared passion. 

Chapter Presidents are responsible for membership recruitment and management, and event planning, promotion, and management. That could be as simple as picking a date and bar for members to meet for Happy Hour and getting the word out, or working with a venue and/or sponsor to host more formal, ticketed events such as tastings, distillery tours, and cocktail classes. We recommend having two people at the helm of each chapter; it helps divide responsibilities, helps events run more smoothly - and it's more fun!

Running a wWw chapter is an unpaid position, and all activities are conducted on a volunteer basis. Women Who Whiskey is primarily aimed at creating an inclusive environment and making space and educational opportunities available to women in the world of Whiskey. If/when a wWw Chapter does become profitable, usually through ticket revenue, the wWw Chapter will enter into a profit sharing relationship with Women Who Whiskey, LLC. However, it is not a requirement for the chapter to generate revenue, nor is it the primary goal.

Launching a wWw chapter is a commitment, but it's also incredibly rewarding and fun, connecting you to new friends and experiences. Each chapter has its own style and personality, so you can host events of any size, in the format and style you prefer, as frequently as you want. The important thing is to create a space for women in your community to get together and drink whiskey.

For more information about the kinds of responsibilities that launching and running a wWw chapter entails, please email Julia at to request a sample memorandum of understanding (MOU) that outlines the details of the chapter president role.

UPDATE: We'd love the opportunity to expand to every city that wants a women's whiskey club, and eventually, we hope to be able to. But because of the increased interest and rapid growth Women Who Whiskey has experienced this year, we're taking a little time off from new chapter expansions at the moment. We are working to centralize and formalize the systems that support our global chapter structure and membership management so that we can have a new, streamlined system in place to help launch in every city that wants to have us!  

So while that means waiting a little longer before we can launch in your city, it also means that when we finally do, we'll be able to launch quickly and seamlessly, rather than with the clunky systems we're using now. 

Feel free to submit an application anyway, but keep in mind that it might be a while longer before we can follow up.

If you have any questions, please email