Gastronomy & Mixology

Combining our love for whiskey with our two other loves: dining and drinking! 


People have been creating dessert recipes with whiskey for ages, however, there are fewer savory recipes featuring this delicious spirit. wWw presents BourBon Appétit, a column by our resident Whiskey Gastronomist, Amber Woods.

The column will focus on savory recipes with rye, bourbon, & scotch, though there will be a sweet treat from time to time! Amber will also be giving suggestions for whiskey and food pairing as well tasting notes on some of our favorite Women Who Whiskey spirits.



Women Who Whiskey was founded on the desire to get to know New York City and its neighborhoods through its whiskey bars. So from our inception we were spoiled with some of the best mixology in the world, crafted by some of the most talented bartenders in the most avant garde bars. Eventually, we decided to try our own hand at mixing up cocktails! 

Sauced follows the wWw team's muddled efforts at mixology, exploring old and new ways to mix whiskey in cocktails. Contributing writers include Julia Ritz Toffoli, Founder & Principal, Natalie Brant, from the wWw PDX Chapter, and guest writers.