A New Bar That Only Serves Dark Spirits, Neat

Copper & Oak, situated on the Lower East Side, boasts a back bar of more than 600 different brown spirits.
But guests will find no cocktails on the menu and mixers are limited to a choice of soda water or ginger ale, all of which are served in a separate glasses if ordered.
“We are not against cocktails, we are just pro-spirits,” Joel Cuellar, “spirits sommelier”, told the New York Daily News. “If someone wants a whisky and ginger ale, I won’t refuse, but I will serve it in separate glasses.” Melita Kiely, The Spirits Business

This is very exciting news. As many of you know, I love my whiskeys neat, so as soon as Copper & Oak opens, I'm going to head down there and have them pour me a stiff drink.

That said, as a ginger lover, I do like that they'll allow a ginger ale mixer. It's still August, and sometimes you need some ice and bubbles in your Bourbon.

I'm not sure when it's officially open yet, but we'll look into it and report back!