Review | Jameson’s Whiskey Makers Series: Cooper’s Croze and Blender’s Dog

I was recently lucky enough to receive samples of two new releases (the two available in the U.S. so far) from Jameson’s Whiskey Makers Series, so I could have a nip and spread the word to you all!

First a bit of background. Both of these whiskeys are named after the important craftspeople and their tools that are essential to the process of creating whiskey.

Sample cuties

Sample cuties

Cooper’s Croze

The Cooper is the craftsperson who creates the barrels that age the whiskey. The Croze is the essential tool that creates the groove that allows the head of the cask to be positioned. Jameson’s Cooper’s Croze honors their Head Cooper, Ger Buckley.

Blender’s Dog

The Blender, of course, if the craftsperson who combines whiskeys to make the flavors unique, complimentary and delicious. The Dog (also called the Whiskey thief) is the tool used to sample whiskey straight from the cask while working to create the best combinations. Jameson’s Blender's Dog honors their Head Blender, Billy Leighton.


How do they taste?!

I found both the whiskeys to be very unique from each other. The Cooper’s Croze was smoother than the Jameson Original I am used to. It has mild, honey like sweetness on the front that I really enjoyed. This is a great whiskey for sipping neat, perhaps paired with some fruit or sweeter cheeses after dinner.

The Blenders Dog was a much more tenacious whiskey. Less sweet on the front with more of the charred oak coming through. This whiskey was spicy with what tasted almost like undertones of peat from the tannins. I felt like I’d want to be sipping it along side a rare steak.

Both of these bottles are now available in U.S., retailing for around $80 a fifth. Perfect for sharing over the holidays!