Women Who Whiskey Launches in Boston!

Photo Credit: Lucas Ritz Toffoli

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Women Who Whiskey Boston Chapter, which held its inaugural event on Tuesday, June 30, 2015, at Saloon in Davis Square, Somerville. 

The launch party was hosted in conjunction with Whistlepig Rye Whiskey, featuring two kinds of rye sampled neat - the 10-year Straight Rye and the limited-edition 12-year Old World Rye - as well two cocktails specially designed by the Saloon mixology team. 

Whistlepig Steward of the Brand, Gregory Gatti, spoke to us a little bit about the different whiskeys, and led us through a guided tasting of both spirits. wWw Boston Chapter President Ilana Weiss spent the evening making the rounds of new members (and there were many!), getting to know as many people as possible, and fielding ideas for future events. 

I was just so thrilled to have been able to make the last-minute whirlwind trip up to Boston for the event, and blown away by the enthusiasm and support, that I spent most of the evening going around thanking everyone for coming. 

Having been born and raised in Boston, this launch was particularly special for me. Getting to see what started as a tiny group of friends in New York blossom into something making it all the way back to my hometown has been truly amazing. 

We knew that Boston was excited to get its own wWw Chapter, but we didn't know how much until we announced the launch! Over sixty ladies came to the inaugural event, and our membership is already two hundred strong. 

We're really looking forward to seeing where this new chapter is going to grow, and so excited to get to know all the ladies that are going to help us take it there. 

A huge thanks to Saloon, for being such gracious and welcoming hosts, and to Whistlepig Rye, for being the best partners we could ask for in launching wWw Boston. 


Julia Ritz Toffoli
Founder & Principal