Women Who Whiskey on Fox & Friends!

Women Who Whiskey was invited to be on Fox & Friends this morning! 

Watch the full clip here:

We (Julia and Samantha) were equally excited and petrified. And what could possibly alleviate such fears? Practice (and a few Manhattans). We mixed our little hearts out the night before, practicing not breaking glasses and dropping bottles. Can the women who whiskey zest under pressure? This would be the ultimate test.

A celebratory nightcap before the big day...

Women Who Stand on Tables and Women Who Recycle LLC applications currently in process.

Photo Apr 10, 22 07 33.jpg

Featuring some of our favorites: E.H. Taylor Bourbon, Tullamore DEW Irish Whisky, and the delicious and spicy Whistlepig Rye from Vermont. 

So we forgot key parts of our setup (6:30 am brain) but look at those stupid grins! We didn't care! 

Backstage setting up!

So we thought we'd done our makeup. And then television makeup happened and our skin struggled for oxygen.

And we thought we'd done our hair. And then television hair happened, in all its teased glory.

And then it was time.

Okay, we're made up. Our hair is as big as our affection for a barrel-aged manhattan. The table is set. Only one thing left to do.

The view from the other side...

We chatted with the hosts about the rising trend of women and whiskey, and walked viewers through how to make a Manhattan. We didn't drop anything and said all real words--a success! 

Even Willow, our puppy mascot, got a little cameo! 

It was very exciting and we're so thrilled to have been invited on the show! And to answer the question burning in everyone's question, yes, we drank the manhattans afterward at 8:45am. Prost!