wWw on CBS This Morning!

Women Who Whiskey was featured on CBS This Morning, in a piece on the impact that women are having on the whiskey industry! 

The clip covers one of our events at The Bar Room, and an interview with Julia Ritz Toffoli, Women Who Whiskey's founder. It also gets into the history of whiskey, and the strong historical relationship between women and whiskey, especially before and during Prohibition. 

They also mention Women Who Whiskey in the accompanying print piece

At a gathering on New York's Upper East Side, women come with one type of beverage in mind. "Women Who Whiskey," a club dedicated to bringing together women who love everything from bourbon to rye.
"I would see other girls ordering whiskey drinks, and I said, 'Oh, that's interesting. You don't see that very often.' And I said, 'I drink whiskey,' the club's founder Julia Ritz Toffoli said.
She said she didn't start drinking whiskey, or alcohol for that matter, until later in life.
"It wasn't until I got to college in Montreal where I discovered the rye and ginger -- a very popular drink in Canada," she said. "And that's, I guess when I discovered it and I started to love it."
And she's not the only woman who loves it.

It's so exciting to be on TV, and such an honor to be part of a piece about such amazing women, revolutionizing an entire industry. We hope this is just the beginning of many partnerships between us and other whiskey loving women.